There just seems to never be enough hours in the day. I remember hearing adults saying this when I was young and thinking it was just a saying adults said like “good weathering we’re having huh?” But now that I’m older…eek. I actually see what the big fuss is about. I do not know what I did with my time before, and I cannot even fathom adding children’s needs into the mix. Working mothers are seriously super heros…I’m taking a moment to say PROPS!

But when we finally take a moment for ourselves and go on a date, go out with friends, or step out into the night life. We don’t always have time to return home to switch outfits. So here is a few tips to dress for both Work and whatever  you spend your afterhours doing.

Tip 1: Colour!

Be Bold my Beauties…Be Bold!

[Details: H&M sunglasses and necklace, star wars tee, old navy skirt, target bag, and payless heels]

[Details: H&M sunglasses and necklace, star wars tee, old navy skirt, target bag, and payless heels]

 The style techniques I used to make this outfit more work appropriate are the high sock bun, the high wasited-knee length skirt, and the target bag. But the stars wars tee and colourful nature of this outfit are definitely fun enough for after work as well. I would feel comfortably dressed at work and out with girl friends in this outfit.

Orange seems to be my go-to colour for transitioning from work to night life. This orange skirt with the green jacket is so fabulous and fun, it can easily transition from work to girl friend adventures after work. Also the green jacket can easily come off to say come hither to the fellas across the way! 😉

[Details: chictopia: ann taylor blazer with H&M skirt]

[Details: chictopia: ann taylor blazer with H&M skirt]

Tip 2: Blazers

Blazers are your new best friend ladies…stock up with a tonne of variety!

It is as easy as adding a blazer to your night life outfit.

[Details: H&M belt and jacket over a French Connection dress]

[Details: H&M belt and jacket over a French Connection dress]

I wore this form-fitting dress out on a date with my man. If I can make my boyfriend say “damn” when I step out of the dressing-room than I know the dress is a “got-to-have-it” piece! But when you feel that great in a dress you also want to wear it everywhere else. So I paired with a longer jacket and pulled it all together with a brown chunky belt.

Another very trendy night life outfit today incorporates the bodice. If you are a curvy girl like me, the bodice can be overtly sexy. And overtly sexy at the office is just a big….uh no! But for you other ladies, the bodice is perfection. It can accentuate your curves and up the sexiness to any outfit. And out on a date or enjoying the night life at the clubs that’s what you want….that turn heads kind of sexy.

That is what I love about the blazer tip.

Blazer on: you look professional. But Blazer off: you unleash the party-animal within.

I hope these tips help you save time and dress for the entire day!

There are more tips to follow.

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  1. So agree, whenever I look at my bank account or run out of hours in the day, I often wonder how other people can do this so effortlessly! That dress is amazing, you have a figure I’d kill for! You’re too funny lol, I wish I could go from work to play I really do but I have this sad shower obsession, I like can’t go anywhere if I haven’t showered sometimes a girl just has to wash off that #dailygrime 😉


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