Came Across Miss Fashion Foot’s blog about Hair Cuffs and just had to share!
The hair cuff is so chic and effortless…it would be a perfect addition to my and any wardrobe.
Check out where you can get this look!

The Fashion Foot

The hair cuff is not something that is extremely new in the fashion and beauty world, but it certainly is a new kind of trend (fall and winter’s most coveted one, in fact). Not only is it chic, edgy, and fashionable but it is also so easy to do. This is a great trend to invest in especially if one is in a rush for school or work in the morning. All you have to do is sweep your hair into a low ponytail with a hair elastic and clasp the cuff around the ponytail. Unfortunately, for those who are currently rocking short hair this trend looks best on those with long hair.

hair clasp 1

While this trend was extremely popular at the Jason Wu Spring 2013 show, we do not have to spend a ton of money on these in demand cuffs. Here are some cheaper alternatives for you!

1. Nordstrom

While these might be a bit…

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  1. Hi Natasha! I love the hair cuff…i often see them, but have never purchased one. But as much as I throw my hair up out of annoyance during the day, I should make the small investment for a chic alternative! Also, thank you for liking my recent post on my budget challenge! I follow you on Instagram and am always flattered to get a “like” now i’m flattered to get a “like” on my blog! Welcome to the world of blogging!! 🙂


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