I find a certain style lends itself to both work and night life more than any other.

That is a Classy-Edgy style.


This “professional-sexy to the max” outfit is from the bebe collection!

The pencil skirt and high top shirt is a professional fit yet the form fitted-ness and the material of the top is definitely night-life worthy.

But if the above style isn’t for you.

Changing an outfit from work to night is as easy as changing the styling of an outfit.

Such as how you wear your hair and the accessories you use.

IMG_20130926_124116 IMG_20130215_151047

I would be much more willing to stay in this French Connection dress with styling 2 compared to styling 1.

The second has a sharper feeling: with the Rhianna inspired hairstyle (braid on one side and curls on the other) and the pointed high heel…

The first feels softer: with the chunky shoe, flowing curls, and pearl necklace.


Changing an outfit from day to night is as simple as changing your accessories.

Changing your shoe from your work flats to those 4 Inch stilettos that sit prettily in your closet begging to be paraded about during celebratory occasions.

Or changing your jewellery…  switching from a pearl necklace to a spike heavy metal inspired necklace.

**Changing from soft to hard seems to be a trend in this post**

pearl spike necklace

Where to get this pearl necklace                    where to shop spike inspired necklaces

These two necklaces represent two sides of myself it seems.

I dress classy, soft and pretty at work. But during the weekends I dress more edgy.

What are your two styles for work wear and weekend wear?

You can also check out part 1 of this post here.


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