The first week of December has come and gone so quickly. It has been so hectic at work, that I’ve just been too exhausted afterwards to do the one thing I love. My fashion social media!

SO here I am playing catching up.

During my busy week these are the outfits I wore:

Outfit 1


This is a casual Friday outfit!

Kept it very simple. With a pink sweater I got from marshals (I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not have enough pink in my life), I layered this sweater over a striped blue collared button up from “the gap.” How so very preppy of me with this combination!

What I seem to always do is add a waisted belt to every outfit. It cinches in and defines my smaller waist. With bigger hips, the waisted-belt helps to bring the eye higher and elongate my proportions.

Outfit 2


This is the outfit I choose to represent my company at a Trade show.

I obviously needed to look approachable and professional. I find that some professional suits can make you seem standoffish. But the pop of the mint colour makes this black pant and jacket look fresh and friendly.

Then I painted on my smile and headed out the door.

[ all day on my feet chatting… for someone that can be quite reserved the last hour I needed a free (yay!) expresso to hook that smile in place. ]

All in all though, it was pretty successful and I surprised myself by enjoying it! 🙂

outfit 3


This outfit is my most accessible work outfit;  it can be worn to any workplace environment.

It has a relaxed young professional feel. The pant is from the Jones New York collection. The stretch blue top is BEBE. And the Blazer is from a Canadian company RW.CO. I was so proud that when I finally found the perfect white blazer it was from a Canadian company. represent!

Outfit 4


H&M and Target.

Those are my go-to shops when I need a cheap fashion fix. They always satisfy my craving with affordable cute clothes. The Tweed multi-colour blazer is from Target. And the green tank and skinnys are from H&M.

I added a touch of glam to the outfit with the hanging chain necklace.

What’s your favourite outfit?

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