I am publicly making myself accountable:

by letting  you my readers and followers aware of my fitness journey.

I am now accountable to GET STARTED.

How my fitness journey started.


Before i started my fitness journey (on the left). I was completely satisfied with my appearance- i could rock any weight. It was not until I randomly calculated my BMI that I realized I had creeped-up on an unhealthy weight for my age, gender, and height.

This hit me hard.

I had always thought of myself as a curvy woman, and I embraced that. But i officially crossed the line from curvy to overweight. With a new perspective, I realized how many clothes i was holding onto that I no longer fit into. If i wasn’t thinking that i would eventually wear these clothes again, why was i holding onto them?

It was time for a change!

Just like that…I made changes. I bought a video work out program called P90x- the thought of a gym intimated me. I had never been to one before, did not know how to use any of the machines. And the thought of struggling in front of everyone was frankly an embarrassing thought.  This was between me and myself, and it was going to be a battle i was going to win by myself… in the comfort of my own living room.

With dietary changes, and a workout routine. I successfully toned my body to the right picture- Losing 30 pounds.

I had not been that trimmed since i started high-school. Basically when the weight gain started.

Fitness Journey Now

Now a year later. I have fallen off my fitness lifestyle and have gained 15 of those pounds back. The new clothes i had purchased to celebrate my new body range from “no longer fitting- to VERY snug.”

I’ve hit my second epiphany moment: Enough is Enough.

No more winter hibernation with a sedentary lifestyle in-front of the couch with junk food. That is not the life i want to live. I enjoy hiking, i enjoy going for night-time walks, i enjoy the euphoria you feel after a good sweat. When i workout I am more confident, I am happier, I sleep better, and i feel more energized during the day without coffee!

I am officially kicking myself in the butt; and saying “wtf girl?”

If those aren’t great enough reasons to live a healthy-active-lifestyle, what more is it going to take?!

So I’m starting over. Not from the beginning. But from a minor setback.

and I’m going to take you along with me this time.

My Goals:

I am cutting out the junk. No more pop, junk food like my ultimate comfort food chips and dip, no more fast-food stops.

Cooking and preparing healthy meals everyday- Not only for me but for my household.

Starting P90x again. It is a three month video program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, at any fitness level!

I dont want to set a goal weight- I dont want to fixate on a number. Instead my goal is going to be: to become more toned. Ensuring that my clothes fit again. Whatever weight that happens at.


Me day 1 of my fitness journey.

I’m excited!


  1. You’ve got this girl! Thanks for sharing! It’s really motivational to see others doing this the healthy way, which is what I made my new blog about! I’ve heard good things about P90x! I love workout DVDs. If you have a gym or fitness club membership try doing classes! I used to feel/think the same thing but people really aren’t looking as you might think! Let’s do this! Healthy and happy for Summer! xoxo


    1. I wouldnt be as intimidated now! Ive come a long way since I started, I actually make use of the gym in my condo building. They have activities down there that I should definitely sign up for. Keep things interesting and fun


  2. Yay! I’m with you. I also decided enough is enough, no more excuses to not do it. I feel horrible when I don’t workout and just started doing the Insanity workout, I’m ob my fourth day and I’m liking it. I’ll also check out that P90x, I’m curious.


    1. Wow insanity! That program is…well insane hahah. I also have that workout program too, but I find it hard to keep up with my asthma. If time is an issue with you. P90 is a longer workout program. But I feel its better for my level of fitness. Good luck babe, we can do this! Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. Insanity is a horrendously hard workout. It always makes me out of breath and drenched in sweat, it is such a pain but in a good way. ^^ I hope I can find P90 so that I can try it. Oh yes, good luck to us.


      2. You’ve inspired me today Babe! Instead of doing the P90x yoga routine (which i don’t really enjoy too much haha) I’m going to substitute “pure cardio and cardio abs” routine from insanity. God help me! lol


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