youre fired

Say Whaat?!

My first job out of university, I was let go… just after a raise and before the one year mark.

I honestly never thought I would be fired in my life. Immediately I felt relieved…I don’t think that is supposed to be your reaction.

But afterwards the stigma attached to this circumstance hit me.

Is this going to affect my future?

I knew I had what it takes to be successful, but would someone take a chance with me now?!

Don’t Dwell- Get Going!

Instead of dwelling on all the uncertainty faced before me, I put it in my rear-view mirror and looked forward to the future.

Whatever my feelings were about the company and the circumstance i was in… were irrelevant now- they weren’t going to change what happened.


I updated my resume, and dived head first into my job search. Spending most of every day on it- essentially treating it as my new job.

Take Advice where you can get it!

 During my first job interview- my interviewer gave me some advice:

1. Ditch the cover letter- most interviewers don’t read it anyway

2. Use the achievement style resume – Information on achievement style resume

Obviously i did not get this job- but he did give me some valuable advice.

And the results were amazing.

The amount of callbacks for my resume increased substantially, and it landed me a job offer two weeks after I changed my resume!

Obviously I also took the time to send a thank you email for his advice.

It’s not the end of the world

Of course during interviews the question came up: “What was the reasoning for leaving your last employment?”

Don’t lie- it will just come back to bite you in the end.

Turn the conversation back to the future and the possible position.

Example: “Although my last job wasn’t the right fit; This job is a perfect fit for the following reasons…”

Don’t complain about or slander your last company-  it is only making you look bad.

Instead a company would prefer to hear that you learned from the experience.

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!

I learned a great deal from my first employment. Although i was let go, it was definitely the reason why I got the job i was offered.

I gained so much more confidence in myself from the experience I gathered there.

I know I can handle anything a job can throw at me.

I am appreciative to my past- but Elated and Excited for the future at my new job!

dr seuss new job


  1. Natasha, you are awesome . You always somehow know what topic’s to discuss and u put it so naturally …i love reading them . Keep up the good work !


  2. I was fired before. It sucked and I hated the job. I took off on a 3 day freedom bender and back to the grind. I got 2 great – better jobs.

    After it all I told the truth why I was fired. My boss didn’t like my Facebook status and she also claimed she thought I stole 2$ from a till. ( I didn’t) so silly…

    After working for the worst I knew how to look for the best. I had great luck with the other employees. Telling the truth pays off. I told my story to my interviewing manager and it wasn’t the first time she had heard it from the same manager. Say what!?

    Karma …. Karma.

    You will be happier what ever the circumstance. And it’s the path you were meant to be put on. Your just getting a little boost in the right direction.

    🙂 good job cousin.
    And thanks for passing on the resume advice. One day when my babes are in school I’m going to get back into the work force.


    1. aw thanks so much babes! I questioned whether to upload but because it was genuine and Im not the only one. You know what…post away! And hopefully help someone even if its just with reassurance.


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