Have you ever gone into a retail store catered to work attire?

Once you shift through the sea of mostly black items… you find a piece you like.

And experience a little tag shock.

The price of one work outfit, can usually buy me two casual day outfits.

That’s why I’ve taken to buying work attire either at retail stores that have a work attire section

(often the prices aren’t as expensive in specialized shops)

or I make a trip to my favourite goodwill location 🙂

My best find ever was a pant suit with the tags still on it.

Originally priced at $150.00 plus tax.

I paid $50 – the most I’ve ever spent on a thrift store item.

But my man wouldn’t let me pass on the deal…luckily!

It was a Calvin Klein pant suit never been worn at a third of the price.

Here’s the suit.


I paired it with a thrifted bold blue guess shirt $3.00


For my shoes i choose: my open-toed nine west heels $7.00.

Lastly to complete the look- I added my gothy-black necklace $12.00

The jewellery can sometimes be overpriced.

But i couldn’t leave it behind

All together this professional thrifted look cost me $72.00 

Compared to what it would cost new:

The suit cost: $150

Guess shirts average between $40-60 ..Check it out Here.

costume jewellery cost average between 25-50 in retail stores roughly.

Nine West Peep Toe Heels: 110-125…Check it out here

So let’s be on the conservative side…totalling: $325

That’s a total savings of $253.

Well Damn.

I didn’t even think I saved that much until I just priced it out…

If you aren’t completely convinced.

Check out Miss Bertha at:

She is my Thrifty Thursday partner this week and next week.

she was even better at being fab and thrifty on a dime

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