Shopping is my cardio.

That quote used to annoy me. My reasoning being:

If you’re thin just by shopping…that just means you’re one of those lucky skinny *Beeps*.

So obviously I thought it was annoying out of pure jealousy. haha!


But I decided to walk to my goodwill location this month.

It’s a 20 minute hike according to Google.

Meaning I got 40 mins of additional walking in today. Not bad!

That’s an extra 150 calories roughly!

My Goodwill shopping was necessary this month:

I have an upcoming post coming up this week called:

“Thrifty Thursday part 2”

It is going to be about fixing an item that you found at goodwill.

So obviously I had to go shopping to see what I could dig up.

And well… I found a few other items I couldn’t leave behind either πŸ™‚

Here they are:



From Left to Right:

– A light teal floral crochet dress

– Club Couture purple peeptoe booties

– Blush Pink Crocheted-Back blouse from Smart Set

– Teal FCUK Shirt-dress

– Also got the item that I will be fixing for Thursday… Stay Tuned for that πŸ˜‰

All together they cost: $30 dollars.

My favourite find is obviously the booties.

What is your favourite?

See below…Go ahead and:

Like, Follow, or share away πŸ™‚


  1. I love the booties…super cute! You also gave me the idea to walk to my Goodwill. Maybe I should add that to my routine. Please feel free to check out my new blog. YOU ROCK!


  2. Ohhh I love thrifting! I’ve been going through a major closet clean out lately and decided I wouldn’t buy anything new! Love your new blog btdubbs, I’ve been meaning to play around with mine but I’ve been so busy *le sigh, all my posts for the new few weeks will be auto generated until I get settled in! Hopefully my outfits match up with the weather that day haha. Amazing finds! Sewing isn’t too bad I think you could have done that by hand, there might be a tutorial on YouTube? πŸ™‚ My mum taught me and it has definitely been worth it!


    1. Lol wrong post! Okay the comment for this one is haha yay for cardio! Also! I think an updated health routine is due from you missy! You’ve been looking great in your instagram pics!


    2. lol I’ve actually tried sewing multiple times. I’ve even failed sewing on a button…believe it or not!!
      I was so excited when it was on- felt all “martha stewart and stuff” but the button didn’t even last a day! …complete fail lol
      I definitely think I will invest time to try again to learn…if that fails there is always the professional lessons in Jan πŸ™‚


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