Shopping is my cardio.

That quote used to annoy me. My reasoning being:

If you’re thin just by shopping…that just means you’re one of those lucky skinny *Beeps*.

So obviously I thought it was annoying out of pure jealousy. haha!


But I decided to walk to my goodwill location this month.

It’s a 20 minute hike according to Google.

Meaning I got 40 mins of additional walking in today. Not bad!

That’s an extra 150 calories roughly!

My Goodwill shopping was necessary this month:

I have an upcoming post coming up this week called:

“Thrifty Thursday part 2”

It is going to be about fixing an item that you found at goodwill.

So obviously I had to go shopping to see what I could dig up.

And well… I found a few other items I couldn’t leave behind either πŸ™‚

Here they are:



From Left to Right:

– A light teal floral crochet dress

– Club Couture purple peeptoe booties

– Blush Pink Crocheted-Back blouse from Smart Set

– Teal FCUK Shirt-dress

– Also got the item that I will be fixing for Thursday… Stay Tuned for that πŸ˜‰

All together they cost: $30 dollars.

My favourite find is obviously the booties.

What is your favourite?

See below…Go ahead and:

Like, Follow, or share away πŸ™‚


  1. Ohhh I love thrifting! I’ve been going through a major closet clean out lately and decided I wouldn’t buy anything new! Love your new blog btdubbs, I’ve been meaning to play around with mine but I’ve been so busy *le sigh, all my posts for the new few weeks will be auto generated until I get settled in! Hopefully my outfits match up with the weather that day haha. Amazing finds! Sewing isn’t too bad I think you could have done that by hand, there might be a tutorial on YouTube? πŸ™‚ My mum taught me and it has definitely been worth it!


    1. lol I’ve actually tried sewing multiple times. I’ve even failed sewing on a button…believe it or not!!
      I was so excited when it was on- felt all “martha stewart and stuff” but the button didn’t even last a day! …complete fail lol
      I definitely think I will invest time to try again to learn…if that fails there is always the professional lessons in Jan πŸ™‚


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