I was tagged a couple times on instagram to share 20 facts about me.

I thought I would also share these facts with my blog beauties as well!


My boyfriend is the one who taught me how to cook.

After he taught me…he stopped cooking…then I realized I screwed myself haha!



. When I was younger I used to hate the colour pink because I thought it said something about the type of girl I was.

Now today I realize that is stupid, and I look pretty cute in pink!



 I have a thing for older gentlemen with beards and tattoos!

I secretly can’t wait for my man to start going grey 😉

jeffrey dean  tatt hulk



 I experimented a lot with my hair.

I’ve been a blonde, red head, light-dark brown, to a short hair cut!

red hair blonge short dark brown

I go oh-natural these days!


“Where do you get your eyebrows done?”

At home…under my boyfriend’s hand.

I’ve never cared about how my eyebrows looked-

but now I have clean natural looking ones because he lays me down and does them for me!



I’m a November Baby.

Meaning I’m the passionate and sexual scorpio.

It also means my parents had a really good valentine’s day… think about it! :/

parents sex lives


I love watching horror movies.

Only two flicks had an effect on my sleeping hours in my lifetime.



When i was little my babysitter watched the chucky movie, as I watched in secret behind the couch.

I was never the same! haha

Fourth Kind

4th kind

I locked the doors and snuggled up to Andrew pretty tightly after that movie.

I have never looked at owls the same again!


My least favourite holiday is Valentine’s Day.

You would think that after I found love…I would celebrate this occasion.

There’s too much expectation!!!

Your unhappy if you don’t get something, Unhappy if your gift is lesser in comparison.

I don’t even like flowers and chocolate.

valentines valetnines


I’m a sales person for a pretty large company.

when I told my grandmother of my new job. She laughed and said:

“when you were little we went by that store…and you said I want to work there when I grow up…I was surprised and asked why?…you said: cause I know i can do it!”

That’s a good sign right?!

a sign


One side of me says: I need a tattoo!!.. Another side says: don’t ruin your body.

When dating my boyfriend…he was surprised to learn that I didn’t have a tattoo.



I take care of the finances in our household.

When i turned 25 it was like a light bulb went off in my head and I got serious about money.

I made sure we set up some savings accounts. We currently have three for three different purposes.

I also on a weekly basis go through our expenses.

I think personal finances should be part of our educational curriculum!

money tree


I Miss Golfing.

I grew up on the golf course, as my father is infatuated with the sport.

I spent my younger days with brown skin from the days on the course, searching for lost golf balls, and treating golf carts like go-karts!

If golfing wasn’t such an expensive sport…I would on a regular basis.



I hate the name “Natalie”

When I was younger…my name “Natasha” was not as popular as it is today.

When I would search for my name tag among the assortment of key chains.

My name was never there…but guess whose name never failed to be there?! haha!

natalie key chain


I met my boyfriend when I was 19.

If we spend the rest of our lives together. We will be one of those couples that can say we’ve been together since our teens.


staying in love


I had a fake I.D

yup. I went through a rebel phase growing up. HAHA. #noregrets

“i was born curious not cautious”



Seeing The Black Keys is on my bucket list!

I don’t think they make music like they used it… with the exception of “the black keys”

the black keys love herself


My computer at work has this as its background:



I would rather live meagerly and travel well than stay in one place and flaunt my luxuries



My newest netflix infatuation is:



I used to sketch regularly. Took classes and everything.

Today it has dwindled down to doodles:


a little doodle I did for my man on a post it.


Like, comment, follow! 🙂


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