I’ve enjoyed collaborating with another blogger recently so much i wanted to do it again!

 I reached out to another blogger friend of mine by the name of Jody.

I thought she would be perfect to do a collab with… we both have a blog dedicated to related topics:

Fashion / Style / Fitness / Thrifting / Life

We decided to do her “Style Steal Challenge” together.

She suggested a Gossip Girl version.

Truth be told…I haven’t seen a single episode- Maybe bits and pieces while at a girlfriends.

But I google imaged: “Gossip Girl Fashion”

and completely fell in love with what I saw.

gossip girl fashion 1

gossip girl fashion 2

Could they be any cuter?!

So the question was…who “style steals” who?!

Luckily we didn’t have to duke it out…we happily set it up as:

Me: Serena

Jody: Blair

After that was finished…I started to research Serena’s style.

serena 4

Her style is:

Boldly Coloured or neutral with lots of layers.

Accessories and different textures to add visual interest

and always:

High Heels,  skinnies, or short skirts to show off her long legs!

serena gg

My first two picks that I wanted to Mimic with my own wardrobe were:

The Hurt Locket vested serena

The first was wrong for the season.

The second felt too much like my own style haha!

just too simple- i figured i should try something a little harder.

Than I saw this:


I thought it was completely chic. Although it lacked the bold colour usually in Serena’s style.

The black would help forgive my curviness beside this model-giraffe-like beauty beside me! haha

It still had the interesting layering, and short skirt too though.

Plus- Immediately I saw items in my wardrobe able to mimic this look!


I even tried to mimic the background to full effect. 😉




Wondering what Jody did for the “style-steal” of Blair?!

You can check out the detail’s at her Blog:


But here’s a taste.

GG Collab 1

GG Collab 2

She looks so amazingly chic and glamorous .. I can’t even stand it!! #gorgeous

You know you have to go check out her post!

Hope you loved this post.

If so, show some love:

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and don’t forget to check out my home girl Jody at:



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