Fall is officially upon us-

the fall overcloud has already laid its blanket over the city…getting us ready for the long sleep of winter.

Although I always miss the sun deeply…Fall is definitely my favourite season to dress for.

It is still warm enough to show some skin occasionally, but I get to layer to my hearts desire!

My absolute favourite colour for fall is Maroon-Oxblood-Deep Red.

Whatever you want to call this rich,earthy, and sophisticated colour.


[Details: @stylezbytc necklace, H&M maroon wrap and B&W belt, @nastynerd Teddy bear tee, Marshall Jeans, nine west pointed heel ]

 Fall isn’t exactly a jeans and tee season…

so I invested in a maroon wrap which I knew would be a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe.

A wrap, on someone with larger hips, can make you look wider. It doesn’t hang like it does on someone with a smaller frame. So I always belt my wraps. It gives me a waist, instead of it appearing I’m the same width as my hips all the way up!


[ H&M lace shirt-dress, goodwill skirt, nine west heels ]

Black lace and plaid perfect patterns to mix during the fall season.

Another reason I love fall dressing: leather jackets!!

[ Details: Maroon H&M blazer, Marshalls feathered-tanktop, RW.co Oxblood pant, and Nude target pumps ]

[ Details: Maroon H&M blazer, Marshalls feathered-tanktop, RW.co Oxblood pant, and Nude target pumps ]

 Although in fall, you aren’t showing as much skin, instead you are layering much more… fall can still be sexy!

Maroon, like red, is the colour of passion…all-be-it a more subtle or sophisticated version compared to “fire-hydrant hooker red.”

Instead of showing skin, wear form-fitting clothing instead!


   Fall Inspiration from my #dailygrindlook


[ ootd by @1hijabifashionista ]


[ ootd by @allthingsareni ]


[ ootd by @whatgabbybuys ]

Click each fashionista to check out her instagram!


The perfect colours for fall?!

Maroon, Navy Blue and/or jean, and a splash of fall-leafs-orange.

Pulling it all together in these two outfits:

navy blue orange marron outfit maroon navy

Which is your favourite fall look?!

Comment, like, share, follow Baby T Beauties!! xoxo


  1. Love your outfits! A great selection for Fall apparel 🙂 My favorite one of you is the lace top + plaid skirt. It brings out that fun and feminine vibe and trendy with the color coordination! 🙂 – Lena


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