How do you like your man to look? Is your guy fashion forward? Does he know how to put together a good outfit?

Do YOU dress him?!

These were the questions that came to mind when I decided to do a men’s fashion post.

I actually really enjoy styling men’s fashion as well.

I like shopping with my man as much as shopping for myself!

I don’t know how many countless times, I’ve seen a man in the wrong size suit and thought:

“We need to go shopping together!”

Although I prefer my man in jeans and tee.


I love the fact that he can flip a switch, and pull off a suit like nothing.

andrew suit

So this post is for the fellas.

Or the fashionista’s that like their men to look as good as them.

Or maybe even just for the ladies that want some eye candy!



PicsArt_1410830373164[1] PicsArt_1410830284097[1]


There is an ease to Denis’ Style.

Whether it’s slacks and polo or he blazer’s it up.

His well put together outfits seem effortless.

A trait most men want while dressing!


PicsArt_1410831854502[1] PicsArt_1410831904786[1] PicsArt_1410831967021[1] PicsArt_1410832004594[1]

I picked these four shots of Nigel…because they show his versatility.

I would say Nigel dresses based on mood- who does he want to be this morning?!

It keeps his style always fresh and exciting.


PicsArt_1410832807383[1] PicsArt_1410832839060[1]

PicsArt_1410832874844[1] PicsArt_1410832902892[1]

Andrew’s style is all in the details.

He always does the classic suit.

But mixes colour, patterns, and accessories in a very subtle manner.

A pocket square there, a layer like that, and Voila!


[ ootd by @oxcxtxoxbxexr ]

[ ootd by @oxcxtxoxbxexr ]

So whatcha thinkin’?!

Whose style do you like best?!

Let’s also go back to my initial questions for the ladies:

“How do you like your man to look? Is your guy fashion forward? Does he know how to put together a good outfit?

Do YOU dress him?!”

Let’s hear it Baby T Beauties!! xoxo

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