I’ve been doing my ootd shots for quite some time now.

And those that have been following me for longer periods get to know my wardrobe.

Start to recognize certain pieces.

And hopefully enjoy seeing different ways I’ve styled them.

I decided to start showing these stylings in my blog posts!

First feature?!

My Orange Old Navy Midi Skirt!


I always get a lot of comments on this skirt.

So I thought it would be a great piece to start with!

I’ve styled this skirt 10 times in the last two years.

Check them out below:

Orange & Blue

orange 1 orange 2 orange 3

orange and blue are perfect complimentary colours.

I accented each outfit with adding neutral colours like brown or white.

I also mixed patterns: either with polka dots or different stripes!

Orange & Black 

orange 4 orange 6

Orange & Black is typically associated with Halloween.

But by adding blue into the colour scheme in outfit one. It lessens the association.

I did the same dissociation in outfit two by playing with proportions of colour. Adding more white than black.

I’d say this lack of association is a great success since I’m even wearing a black cat top!

Look closely 😉

Lesson? Don’t be afraid to wear holiday colours!

Mixing Patterns

orange 7 orange 5

Look how different a look can be by simply changing a top and hairstyle!

I’m wearing the same skirt, belt and heels.

On the left, I went for a more soft and sweet hairstyle with polka dots and stripes.

On the right, I went for a more “bed-head” hairstyle with my lace and stripes.

Polka dots are sweet and lace is sexy!

Two faced Orange

orange 9

Your eye immediately goes to the face on my top in this outfit.

I used my hairstyle to lead your eye up to my face with a braided hairstyle!

Was I right? Is that the direction your eye followed?!

The magic of styling!

Skirt as a Dress

orange 8

My most creative.

Because the waistband of my Old Navy skirt is elastic,

I am able to pull it over my bust and wear it as a dress!/p>

A strapless dress isn’t really work appropriate, so I layered it with a jacket.

10 Outfits from one old navy skirt that cost me $25 dollars.

That’s 2.50 an outfit.

And you got to know that I have plenty more outfits in my back pocket for one of my go-to items!


By my count that is 9 stylings of my Old Navy skirt.

To see the tenth…travel on down to my instagram to my latest ootd!

If you don’t follow me: my Instagram is on the right hand column 😉

Like this post?

Let me know by liking, commenting, and sharing!

I’ll make it a regular 🙂


  1. Love this posttt!!! I was also planning to do something similar since people tend to ask me this question quite regularly too. Love how creative you was in changing your skirt to a dress aswell! x


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