Combinations after combinations…oh the endless combinations!

My wardrobe might not be huge…

but I definitely get the most out of each piece to ensure unique outfits on the daily!

and one of my tricks is… layering dresses.

I’m not simply talking jackets and scarves here…

Think about it…

I have maybe 10 dresses.

by layering these dresses. I’ve already increased my top and skirt count by 10 pieces each.

one dress can act as three pieces of clothing.

The value in buying a dress is three fold!

 Let’s see this in action

A Dress as a Shirt

mint dress mint dress layered

I thrifted this mint lace dress at Goodwill.

As you can see it is definitely too short to wear to work.

It was even too short for me to feel comfortable wearing out and about on the weekend without leggings…

So what are “shirt-dresses” perfect for? Wearing them as shirts!!


A Dress as a Skirt

skater dress

skater dress layered skater dress layered work

My skater dress.

I love the short fitted flare at the bottom of this dress.

It not only looks fantastic by itself.

It is an especially cute skirt- as shown in my casual look on the left!

For work it was definitely too short.

So to help compensate for that, I added a pair of tights and a button down.

By showing a lot of leg I figured I should at least cover up my arms.

Dresses turned shirts

Some of my other dresses that look great as shirts are:

My houndstooth dress

hounds tooth dress shirt

 My purple floral summer dress

purple dress shirt

My leather sleeved shirt-dress

leather shirt dress

Dresses turned skirts

Some of my other favourite dresses that look great as skirts are:

My Blue Flared Dress

blue dress skirt

My Green Thrifted Dress

green dress skirt

My French Connection Floral Dress

floral dress skirt

What is your favourite layering?!

Comment, Like, Share Baby T Beauties!! xox


  1. You’re such a true fashionista!!! Some people think that buying lots and lots of garments make them stylish (perhaps it does), but a true fashionista knows how to re-style what they have in many ways, and still look great along the way! Keep it up girl! xxx


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