When I was walking into the office world thoughts of boring button ups and suits came to mind.


But a good styled fitted suit can be really sexy on a woman.

A powerful in command kind of beauty.

Sexy Stars in Suits

  stars in suit

I mean… Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, and Victoria Beckham.

Enough said.

When you have confidence seeping through your pores a powerful suit is only going to accentuate that!

OOTD: Suits

PicsArt_1410354071906[2] green suit

I was completely fascinated by the instagram comments I got on these outfits.

Obviously I am wearing more layers compared to my other ootds and yet the change in feedback was…

intriguing to say the least!

Let’s just say…

women in suits = hot!

Let’s prove my point.

One of my IG friends hashtag’d this ootd:

Meet @kaidea04

Kaide Suite

I crush all over this woman’s IG and wardrobe.

And when I seen this ootd suit…

I thought: yup that’s how a woman is supposed to look in a suit

Chic, Cool, and Sexy!


I not only love suits on women because they are sexy.

But because there is an androgynous beauty as well!

woman in suit 1 andr. suit

My own androgynous ootd:

vest converses

Women In Suits Inspiration

I wanted to leave you with the inspiration for this post at the end.


I pretty much died when I seen Model Cara Delevingne in this sexy tomboy suit ensemble.

The feminine make up/ hair/ and cleavage… with the masculine suit and sneaks is androgyny to perfection!



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