We all have those days where we hate everything in our closet.

Why did I buy all this?!

I need new clothes!

I need more money to buy nice clothes!!

oh…the panic’d “I have nothing to wear this morning” self analogue. haha!

What I do when I hate all over my wardrobe.

I pout, sit and stare at my closet like a two-year old haha!

But then when then the clock starts counting down the panic sets in and…

1. Pick one item of clothing you want to wear today.

2. What would look good with this item that you haven’t worn before?

3. style the outfit

(a) what style of hair suits the outfit; up or down?!

(b) which accessories work best?

(c) now the shoes…well for me.. which heels!

If all else fails

and If I still have that Itch… That itch for something new to bring to my wardrobe..

I go thrift shopping!

$50 dollars a month is a healthy budget for clothes.

And if you thrift these items…

you’re going to get bags full.

I recently converted one of my girlfriends @lilone37 I met through social media.

She has been trying to cut back her expenses for clothing.

Since she lives near me I suggested my gold mind or my thrift store fix!

bcbg jacket bcbg

banana republic danier sweater

Some of the brands she was able to find were:




each piece is very much her style as well.

I would say a successful enterprise most definitely!!

Was very proud 🙂

My newest thrifted outfits

thrifted outfit

Thrifted items:

– Light Blue Jacket

– Navy Houndstooth Skirt

 vest outfit

Thrifted item:

– BCBG Vest

bad chick outfit

Thrifted Items:

– Pleather sleeved Dress layered under my Teddy bear tee!


I left you with the last outfit I recently had a “hate everything in my wardrobe moment”

– I started with my Teddy Bear tee

– I wanted a fitted skirt to pair it with since it is a loose tee… therefore, this pleather dress came to mind.

– I needed tights because of the shortness of the dress… and coloured tights felt too fall for the weather… so my lace nude tights were perfect.

– I tied it all together with a nude heel!

And there you have it- One of my favourite new outfits that came on an unexpected day:

My Pleather Black and Nude Outfit on a day I hated everything in my closet with one of my thrifted finds!!

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  1. These are great tips! I’m definitely the one to walk into my closet and instantly want new clothes haha. I’ll have to try out thrifting more often too! It looks like you found some great pieces.


    Looks by Lau


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