Where does the time go honestly?!

I’m asking sincerely.

I remember being young and the days felt long and filled with sun.

Now in a flash…I look outside and its pitch black… what happened?! haha!!

Well I came to a realization today. Its end of September and that means my flashback outfits favs!!

Outfit 1

beige polka dot outfit

[ Details: Good will Polka dot tee and blazer, H&M beige skinnies and white belt, Aldo Black Pumps ]

My outfit for the last day of September.

I wasn’t so sure about this outfit, it felt plain when I was getting ready in the morning…

Until my man finally woke up…and when he walked out of the room his face said it all.

I got the outfit right, and my insecurities were soothed right away!

Always seek a second opinion πŸ™‚


Outfit 2

black simplicity

[ Details: Goodwill Sheer black top, Goodwill smart set flared skirt, Aldo black pumps, Jewels of Yours tassel necklace ]

I love the simplicity of this outfit!

A simple black pump, flared skirt, and sheer black top cinched at the waist…

Β with my gold tassel necklace from Jewels of yours

makes a simple, elegant black and gold outfit!


Outfit 3

Style inspiration outfit

[ Details: Goodwill Skirt and blazer, Boyfriend sweater and tie, Hudson Bay tights, and Nine West Heels ]

Stylistically speaking this is my fav outfit.

I felt like a dressed up doll walking out this day πŸ™‚

I got the inspiration for this outfit from Gossip Girl’s Serena.

This character was luckily brought to my attention by my collaborative blog post:

Style Steal Gossip Girl with Jodi


Outfit 4

weekday outfit

[ Details: Target Converses, Boyfriend tee and belt, H&M shorts, Jewels of Yours necklace ]

I like to choose an outfit I wear on the weekdays ever soΒ often.

On the weekends you can often find me in my converses.

In an outfit that feels more comfortable with an edge compared to my style for work!

Depending how you style it…a tee and shorts can still be stylish πŸ™‚

Which is your favourite outfit?!

Hope you had a fantastic month Baby T Beauties.

Please do like, comment, and share !! xoxo

You can also check out my other september outfits on my Instagram to the right πŸ˜‰



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