We all have those days when we want to say “F*** it” to the workout.

Take that one day off and just RELAX.

I mean we’ve already made so many results…we deserve it right?!

On those days, the guilt later almost seems worth the hour you get to be a couch potato!

My man was having one of those days.

And like I promised to do, when he decided to get back into optimal shape, I pushed him to keep going and to workout!

shes a keeper

And he did…but afterwards wasn’t happy with the effort that was put forth.

But I was super proud.

It’s those small victories that make the BIG difference.

Those victories are the ones that really say something…

it speaks to your determination and willpower.

better than the couch

I mean when your mind and body said “no thank you”… you said no exceptions!


Be Proud!!

The reward at the end is going to feel that much better because of the struggle it took to get there.

I’ll end my words of encouragement to let you know that:


and maybe just to show you some fabulous man candy. 😉



How do you get yourself to workout when you don’t feel like it?!

I would love to hear.

Let’s encourage each other Baby T Beauties!! xoxo


  1. Well, when I don’t feel like working out I usually make a deal with myself to “just do five minutes”. Once I get started, I can’t stop and that five minutes turns into a full length workout. I read about this trick online and didn’t think that it would work. Tried it one day and so glad I did!


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