I’ve always liked Sci-fi and fantasy.

But it wasn’t until I met my man and we shared this love together that my passion florished.

I’ve even attended a Comic convention!

So of course my man would gift me with some tees that combine my passions for fashion and comics!


I came home one day to find these laid out on our bed.

I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt.

No flowers and chocolate for me…shower moi with gifts only for me.

Oh the wonderful geek chic outfits I can make with these I thought!

The first outfit I made

 IMG_20130629_115838       IMG_20130629_171523

I guess the couple shot shows my appreciation for the gift most definitely!

My ultimate fav super hero is Batman- I love the toil between good and evil inside a man.

I love the fact that he isn’t really a hero- and by far has the best villains.

Probably shows why it was my first choice to style!

Star Wars Tee Outfit 1

star wars tee 1

What does a Star Wars Hi-Low cropped tee call for?

A High Waisted pair of BCBG shorts!

Because this R2D2 top was so cute- I decided to style the outfit very cute with floral flats and a half-up hair do.

Batman Tee Outfit 2 

batman tee 2

I channeled my best Batgirl in this outfit.

With a dark maroon red sweater and leather booties.

Now all I need is my Batman’s Motorcycle.

Star Wars Tee Outfit 2

IMG_20130802_075038 star wars 4

I couldn’t help but style my Star Wars Tee with my Old Navy Orange skirt twice;

The contrast of the colours works so perfectly- I mean Blue and Orange are complementary colours.

To slightly change the look- I wore the elastic skirt above my breast to change the length of the skirt.

You can also note the change in the season- The additional weather accessories add a bit of flair all their own.


Batman Tee Outfit 3

batman tee 3

I went super comfy casual in this look.

It was like my batman tee was meant to be worn with my target converses.

As I get older, I feel the need to wear a blazer over my jeans and tee to mature the look.

Lastly to style up the outfit- I did a half-braided/half curled hairstyle.

Star Wars Tee Outfit 3

star wars tee 3

I felt so funky fresh in this outfit- as you can probably tell by the photos.

I often layer my dresses, and a cropped tee is a perfect tee to do that with.

When you layer a tee over a dress, often you lose your waist line.

But with a cropped tee I can still highlight my waist.

If you are looking to pick up your own Geek Tees.

think geek

My man picked these up at:


Trust me-whatever you are looking for you will definitely find it!!

What is your favourite outfit?!

Which Geek Tee would you rock ?!

Comment, Like, Share my Baby T Beauties!! xoxo

think geek monkey

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