I’ve been doing #ootd shots for over a year now.

Think about that… That is 365 outfits.

woah- there’s no way I have that much clothes!

Well let’s take a look at mine and instagram’s favourite outfits of October.

Let’s start with Instagram’s favourite.

It got the most likes this month:

The Most Liked 

all black everything

[ Outfit Details: Calvin Klein Jacket, Smart Set Button Up, H&M Printed Skinnies, Aldo heels ]

Some days all a girl wants to wear is black.

You can call me Johnny-Tash …get it?! get it?!

If Johnny cash can do it, then so can I!


Outfit 2

iron man frilly

[ Outfit Details: Target Iron Man Workout Tank, Maroon H&M Blazer and white belt, Smart Set skirt ]

Who says you can’t wear sweatpants or workout gear to the office?

If styled right you can wear that workout top for the afternoon’s sweat right throughout the day!

That gives me an idea for a later post 😉

stay tuned for “workout gear & sweats to the office”

Outfit 3

outfit 3

[ Target tights & bag with H&M polka dot top layered under an Urban Behaviour Houndstooth dress ]

This outfit was inspired by my post:

“Colored/ Printed Tights for Fall”

Maroon/ Red was also a big influence in my outfits this month.

Its my go-to colour for fall!

Favourite Casual Outfit

blackless top

[ DKNY jeans, French Connection Top, Jewels of Yours Necklace ]

I felt very sexy in this outfit.

I was in my favourite fitting jeans paired with a backless top.

If you don’t have one pair of jeans that make you feel instantly better about your body- you haven’t found the right jeans yet.

For the longest time I wore low-rise boot cut jeans…but that is the complete opposite of these jeans.

Now I feel like I know what I am looking for when I go shopping!

I mean if you have a fairly large rump, you shouldn’t be trying to squeeze it into lowrise jeans…

I hope you enjoyed your month of October Baby T Beauties!! xoxo

Which is your favourite outfit from October?!

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