I almost didn’t buy my H&M sleeveless top considering I am a little self-conscious about my arms.

But it was only $15, and my man gently reminded me how many ways I could style it for only $15 dollars.

He was right-

I may not have been excited about the piece,

but it was definitely an investment piece!

Not only could I wear it as it was intended.

polka dot outfit 1

[Details: H&M top, Thirifted skirt and booties ]

I could wear it as a tied blouse.

tied polka dot top

[Details: H&M top and pencil skirt with Nine West Heels]

I remember it being almost unbearably hot this day.

So the ability to tie up a light blouse was a perfect outfit!

But the real reason I bought the top was because it was a perfect layering top.Β 

I could wear the blouse under a jacket.

polka dot blouse under jacket

[ Details: H&M top, Rw.co jacket and Oxblood skinnies]

I could use it as a modesty top.


[ Details: Thrifted BCBG blue top, H&M polka dot blouse, Thrifted Houndstooth skirt, and Target beige pumps; Shot taken by Asian Impressions]

This top can be too low-cut for many situations.

The polka-dot top adds a cute modesty element!

I could also do a peek-a-boo layering.


[ Details: H&M blouse and belt, Thrifted black top, Rw.co Oxblood skinnies, and Target Booties ]

By not tucking in the top- I got a cute relaxed layering.

An unconventional use of the top.

Lastly I could use the top as a collar.

collared polka dot top

[ Details: H&M Skater Dress layered over H&M polka dot blouse ]

I layered the top underneath this skater dress to add a cute collar.

I can’t recall how many times a collar came in useful to make an outfit feel more work appropriate.

Looking back, I definitely think it was a good investment.

That is six different ways to use the top.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the different ways you can style it!

Do you have a different way to use the top that I haven’t thought of?

Which is your favourite outfit?!

You know what to do Baby T Beauties:

Like/Comment/ Share away! πŸ™‚


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