It had been long overdue for a trip to my local Goodwill.

But it was definitely worth the wait- because it was my best haul ever!

I found even more than what I brought home.

But the stuff I couldn’t leave behind were…

Four Bottoms


[ Details Left-to-right: Dynamite Black Pencil Skirt, H&M Dark Rose pencil skirt, XOXO 3/4 shorts, and Mexx Leather-lined Skirt ]

Grand Total: $13

With this week’s 50% off green tags, I only paid $13 for these bottoms.

My absolute favourite being the Mexx Leather Skirt for $4…say what?!

I won’t be able to wear the shorts for quite some time.

But I loved the details:


The cute regal buttons, the centre buckled bowtie on the back of the shorts, and lastly the red-speckled pattern.

Enough for me to purchase these for $3 dollars.


The best surprise finds.


[ Details : Striped Orange Le Chateau Dress & Grey Striped BCBG dress ]

Like all things worth finding- these two beauties were hidden together amidst extra-large t-shirts.

They were my highest purchase: $50.

That’s a little less than half the regular price of these Le Chateau and BCBG dresses.

But they were barely worn, and I knew that they wouldn’t stay long at Goodwill if I didn’t purchase them now.

They were listed as small sizes.

But since they were made with stretch- I was undeterred and squeezed my booty into them anyways!


I found five pairs of heels but left with only one out of season heels.


[ Details: Nine West Sandals ]

The others were a little too big or a little too small.

But luckily these were my cinderella heel.

They were $4 with only slight imperfections.

What I loved the most was the chain detail.

Wrap me in chains from head to toe please!


I’ve been looking for thisΒ style jacket for quite sometime!

A Black Double-Buttoned, White Collared Jacket.


[ Details: Vanessa Black & White Jacket ]

Price: $8

Don’t get me wrong- this is a popular style jacket that you can find almost everywhere.

But i was always disappointed- either it was too expensive than what I wanted to pay, or the fit wasn’t what I wanted.

And of all places..I find the perfect one at Goodwill.

Just a blouse and a low-cut shirt


[ Detail Ninth Widow Pink with Black Collared Blouse & Zara Green Forest low cut top ]

Price: $6

and I got myself two very cute tops.

The pink top is a loose blouse perfect for work.

And the zara green forest top is such a beautiful colour with the ability to be worn as casual or work wear!

I was so excited to style my Mexx Skirt especially since warm weather is fleeting quickly.

I got right to it and got to work stylin’

outfit 1

[ Details: Mexx Skirt, Lace Blouse, Aldo Heels ]

I went for the classic black and white look!

Complimenting the subtle leather detail with subtle lace detail on the top.

You’ll have to excuse my bush-woman hair as I ran out of time to style it this morning! haha

This is basically what I work with everyday. πŸ˜‰

I left goodwill this weekend with a big bag full of goodies!

What is your favourite find?!

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