I wear heels on the daily.

Only occasionally hanging them up’ for converses on the weekend!

That’s a lot of pounding on a little-bitty heel.

So of course there is general wear and tear…and I’ll hear that dreaded “metal-clicking.”


Well if you didn’t know- now you know!

You don’t have to toss those heels.

I got the idea for this post while at work talking to a colleague.

It started with the “you got to teach me how to walk in heels”

and it grew to…”I must walk differently because my heel always wears down funny”


Oh Yes! The heel wears down on an angle and the metal starts showing…

and you start to hear that horrible clicking noise.

It’s not just you hunny- it happens to everyone!


“Ohhh! I thought it was just me.

So all my heels are like that, and I haven’t bought any new ones because of it”


Just replace the heel sweets. I go to this little hole in the wall at Square One in Mississauga.

It costs me $12 for them to replace the heel for me.

But I extend the life of my heel by another 6 months-year

Depending on my usage of them.

Definitely worth it- Good as new.


Just thought I would share that information along to you!

Its a great tip to keep you stylin’ in your favourite heels.

Thanks for reading Baby T Beauties!!




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