Whether it be in the Fashion World, the Corporate World, or just Girl World.

Competition does not breed empathy.

 It fosters the spreading of mean comments; and bringing each other down when we should be uplifting one another.

This lifestyle topic came to me from a compilation of watching two documentaries, “Happy” & “I Am,” the unfolding of the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine Scandal, and my everyday experience through the peek into the fashion world that Bloggin/Instagram allows me.

kim k

When the Kim K scandal broke.. I could not say I was at all surprised with the see-all photo.

What surprised me more is the Black-White feelings that evolved from the magazine shoot.

Either people celebrated it and defended her; or they felt it was completely wrong as in it sent the wrong message/ and a mother should not be exposed like that.

When asked What I thought about it?

I simply said “well she looks damn good that’s for sure- those curves!”

Yeah but she’s a mother and a wife.

“Ah too each their own. Her man seems to support her”

I guess all I thought about the topic is “Celebrating women’s beauty and tolerance for other people’s beliefs and actions”

I didn’t bring this topic up to debate the situation but to show that…

Empathy for others helps you feel happy.

…not just for Kim K, but for peoples’ feelings about it.

Often times when you speak to victims of negative comments or harassments; the victims preach tolerance and compassion to the perpetrators as this allowed them to feel happy again by freeing them…from hatred.

Hatred and negativity is toxic.

We aren’t always going to agree- but at the very least we can practice tolerance.



Within the documentary “Happy”

The relationship between happiness and exercise, connection, community, cooperation, and compassion are uniquely explored. A magnifying glass is held up to things we’ve been taught will make us happy, like success, money, and beauty.

It’s findings are eye-opening and I would recommend a watch- had me all sappy and teary eyed.

Its on Netflix!

This kind of topic is right up my alley; as I studied Psychology in University.

What stood out for me is that connection, cooperation, and compassion within a community makes us the happiest.

This is exactly the reason why I started my blog/Instagram…I wanted to connect with other fashionistas.

I wanted to make connections with something I fell passionate about.

Happily I grew quite a large community; larger than I expected anyways!

Something that I am most proud of is the lack of negative comments on my feed.

I suspected the higher my following grew; the more I would potentially open myself up to negativity.

But I am so proud to say that my little community is so positive and encouraging!

I thank you for that!!

And yet, while connecting with others, I still find young women surprised by kindness, help, and support.

Albeit this is fashion- and we’re all competing right?


But maybe that’s the problem.

I follow a linked-in page called “professional women”

They are articles directed towards the topic of being a women in the professional world.

The topic usually surrounds women’s inability to find equal numbers within the corporate world.

Or the belief that Women must be B*tches to make it or must Harden up and/or Man Up.

Maybe what we should do is uplift one another, share experience, and learn from each other.

Instead of us all trying to claw our way through that glass ceiling alone.

As Diane Von Furstenberg said:

“You don’t have to be a bitch to be successful”

Embrace what makes women…WOMEN. 

Empathy and Compassion. 

It’s what makes us strong. 

My thoughts were kind of all over the place for this post.

But I felt the definite need to share what I was feeling.

I hope the soul of the topic came through and you enjoyed it!




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