How many ways can you style a dress anyways?

A dress is basically one outfit.

I challenge that thinking with this post.

Showing you X number of ways I styled my H&M printed dress.



[ Details: H&M dress and belt, with Goodwill Booties ]

This style requires no thought at all with barely-there makeup and some beachy ways.

All I did for this look, is throw on the dress- belt it and shove on some booties.

Lastly you leave the house and tell people its called minimalistic style 😉

Done Deal.


But let’s start thinking more outside the box with this

Posh Look


[ Details: H&M dress and belt, Hudson Bay polka dot tights, Goodwill booties ]

I still belted the dress and wore the same booties.

But to make the look more posh and put together, I added:

some polka-dot sheer tights, and some golden strands of pearls around my neck.

Lastly, a ‘sock-bun’ always makes a look more posh.


Fall Look

fall look

[ Details: I just realized I got this whole outfit from H&M ]

Ok well it’s starting to get chilly out…and I don’t want to put my dress away.

What shall I do?

Start with everything I’ve done before…and add a wrap!

Wraps hide my curves, so I belt the wrap with the dress.

Lastly add some cute warm accessories like my leather gloves, cute beanie, and cape jacket.


Leather Boots


[ Details: H&M dress, necklace and belt, Target Jacket, and Grandmother’s “borrowed” leathered boots ]

After realizing I’ve been wearing the same base (necklace and booties) for a while..

I decided to switch it up and start over.

I changed the belt, choose a long-drape necklace, and some knee-high booties.

The leather high boots felt to casual for work, so I added a blazer to keep it business casual!

White Jacket

white jacket.

[ Details: H&M dress and trench coat, Aldo heels, white jacket, and golden accessories, with my man’s blue scarf to keep me warm ]

I really liked how the dress looked with the black blazer in the before outfit.

So I tried some other of my jackets- and the white created a nice contrast.

especially when it has a peek-a-boo effect out with my trench.

Lastly, I played up the gold from the belt with the necklace.

Cardi Layers


[ Details: H&M pink cardi and printed blue scarf ]

At this point, I was thinking what else could I layer this dress with.

A pink cardi with a blue dress sounded super cute!

Only problem was the cardi was a bit too long, and didn’t stop at my natural waist.

So I folded the end and covered it under a chunky belt.

Problem solved!



[ Details: H&M dress, Goodwill booties, necklace, and Hudson Bay Leather jacket ]

One day after doing laundry; I seen my dress inside out, and loved it.

I couldn’t wear my dress inside out, could I?


Showing the stitching is a style of clothing…so why not!

So I plastered on my confidence, and owned it.

What’s your favourite style for my H&M dress?!

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