Maybe because it’s my birthday month.

Maybe I get to layer more this month because of the cold.

Maybe because I had the best Thrift Haul Ever recently…

Whatever the reason, this month has some of my favourite outfits ever.

Outfit 1: Toga Style Outfit

toga outfit

I’ve had this “party-shirt” since high school.

I haven’t worn it since then…

and yet I held on to it all these years in hopes that I could wear it again without feeling like I was trying to look young.

Recently I realized i could mature the look with a blazer.

And Voila – my Toga Styled Outfit.


Outfit 2: Irish Styled Outfit

irish outfit

I got this zara top and purple skirt in my thrift haul this month.

When I paired the two with boots and socks to keep me warm…I got a distinct Irish vibe.

To foster this look…I grabbed my wool beanie.

And Yay- I love it!!

Outfit 3:ย Bodycon Dress

ย Le Chateau

Probably about half my dresses are bodycon dresses.

When you have curves- it is better to embrace them.

Models get to look great in Runway Clothes.

Curvy everyday women get Bodycon dresses!

What I love about this particular one is the strategical placement of the black stripes.

The largest stripe hits right where my waist is smallest- No belt needed!

Outfit 4: Most Liked

red outfit

The shining star of this outfit, I think, is my hair.

The red brings out the highlights and copper tones of my hair.

The hairstyle happened by chance. I’ve done side braids countless times before.

But my hair was pretty limp this day- so to give the illusion of body.

I pinned a wave on the other side- creating a ‘pin-up girl’ feel.

There you have it.

My four favourite outfits of November.

What’s your favourite?!




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