I feel naked without tights.

Is that stating the obvious or can that actually be a feeling? 🙂

Once I put on a pair of tights…I feel more sexy even compared to bare legs.

I recently reviewed some Tattoo’d Tights from a Canadian Company

This post sponsored by “Time for Tights”

Time for Tights

What a beautiful package they sent me.

I absolutely adore a more personalized package sent- you feel the love and passion for the product.

I’ve actually grappled with the longing for an upper thigh tattoo.

leg tattoo

With an unveiling inability to commit – I would never move forward with it.

But these elegant tattoo style italy made Latorre tights from Time for Tights would allow me to pretend.

tatt tights outfit

[ Details: H&M jacket, R&W.co dress, Time for Tights Tattoo Tights, Target Boots, Jewels for you necklace ]

I based this outfit around my new tights.

Its pretty chilly outside so I wore two tights, layering my new ones over a light coloured tight underneath.

I choose a wool dress for warmth as well. Added some colour with the blazer and jewels.

I felt like the buckled boots went well with the tattoo’d tights.


Close Up


I paired my BCBG wool socks to help keep me warm during the commute.

It was when wearing them like this that it reminded me best of a thigh tattoo!!


With a little more definition on the photo.

You can see the detailing of the tights.

The entire tight is a close knit-mesh.

The tattoo effect is from a “lacey-overlay” embroidered onto the mesh.

This work of art definitely needs care in its handling.

If you’re not careful sharp objects can ruin them forever- but that’s said for all tights.

If you would like to get some or would like to check out the company:



Moral of this story?

I vote Tights over Naked.

And you can get some quality tights from Time for Tights

You also have a chance to get some free tights from “Time for Tights” on my Instagram.

I am holding a giveaway until December 5th at 12pm.


Go check out the rules there

Good Luck!!




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