I am a Trixxi Girl

Upon arrival of my Trixxi dress I was immediately Gobsmacked.

The dress was super cute and sexy.

And Red!!

 This post sponsored by Trixxi Clothing

Put my curves in this little dress and oh Lord.

I felt like I definitely had to layer.

So I grabbed my man’s H&M wool-tasselled sweater for warmth!!


wpid-picsart_1418162661293.jpg        wpid-picsart_1418162711323.jpg


But I also had to show off the dress in all its glory.

“Be brazen Natasha” – I thought.

It was a lot more skin then I’m used to showing especially in the winter! Tehe


wpid-picsart_1418099961035.jpg full

Remarkably Enough… I did this hair style with a straightener.

Saw a video online- first attempt.

And Yay.. I have a new Hairstyle to my repetoir.


If you would like to get your own sexy & cute dress

or any item cute enough for LA check out:




If you like to see a tutorial on this hairstyle comment below beauties!!





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