I wanted to thank all my loves on instagram and on my blog.

You are the reason I finally had a shopping haul that wasn’t from a thrift store.

So I wanted to share with you all the things I got!

So apparently I can’t even get into a dressing room anymore…

without thinking of you love bugs.

I wanted to share the pieces I decided to get at Target.

PicsArt_1418955899855[1] PicsArt_1418955965423[1]

I just realized that 2/3rds of the pieces I got have florals.

I guess I really miss the sun!! haha

I got:

(1) white loose fitted button up blouse

(2) Rose sweater

(3) cool coloured floral, lace dress


(3) The lace jumpsuit that all of you’s so help me to have the confidence to get!!



As per usual I cannot wait to start making outfits of the stuff I got.

So here are the first four outfits!!



Bed head full of roses.

I was trying to put on some rose-coloured glasses to bring some life to this super gloomy monday.

So I rolled out of bed- and decided this was the head I was rocking today. haha!

Hence the name I gave this outfit.



The floral dress I bought was a little too short for work.

So I layered it with a skirt.

I could have picked any of my black pencil skirts, but mixing patterns seemed much more fun!

The staggered floral, with the consistent geometric pattern is a good balance.



Work is simply black and white

When I don’t want to make an effort.

I usually revert back to black & white ensembles.

I love loose fitted shirts; because they stylish hide anything you can feel insecure about.

Pair with a tight bottom.. and you’re done!




The piece de resistance.

I didn’t know if I could pull of this jumpsuit.

and quite honestly I still don’t know! haha

But I do love this outfit. It looks and feels effortless chic.

I was so comfortable all day- it felt like walking around in my pj onesie!


All in all I would say it was a pretty successful target haul.

I will be having a giveaway on monday on my instagram.

I will be giving away a giftcard for target…obviously.

so stop by and try your luck!




  1. Super cute outfits and you have a great figure to pull ALL of these outfits off! Coming from a jealous plus size girl who was smaller back in the day…. lol I really like the jumpsuit that looks so cute on you! Target does have some really cute clothes. You should check out their sales rack I like to hit there 50% off and the 70% off rack you can get some really great deals! I’m also a fellow Thrifter and I like good deals!


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