With the year come and gone.

It’s time to take a look back to see where we are going!

I have changed jobs.

Me and my man bought our first home.

Decided to really invest time in my social media.

Worked/ collaborated with many fashionista’s and companies.

Met great new people.

Had my weight jump up and down.

and you’ve seen every outfit throughout the whole thing!


My four most liked media this year have been:


4th liked 2014 photo

[ Details: Goodwill pink top and black necklace, H&M jacket and skinnys, Town Shoes Boots ]

This outfit feels like the epitome of my style.

Skinny’s and a Jacket.

The look has an effortless feel as well with the relaxed jacket, loose necklace, and messy bun!

Chilled Work Look


Le Chateau

[ Details: Goodwill/ Le Chateau Dress, Target booties ]

Don’t you just love when a dress fits like a glove.

Especially one that you found at Goodwill.

It was meant to be.

This dress has to be my favourite Thrift Find this year!


red outfit

[ Details: Deroin Top, H&M pants, nine west heels ]

Every once and awhile- I get an itch to dress more edgy.

That usually means my outfit will incorporate braids, converses, leather, and chains.

And I love that my followers love it too when I mix up my classy work looks with a little more edge!




[ Details: Naked Zebra dress, Target Heels]

At my heaviest I’ve been all year here within this photo.

I usually have the confidence to rock any weight between 127-160.

And I’ve been all in between.

So when I wasn’t feeling myself this morning…

but forced myself to suck it up to show off this beauty of dress.

it being the most liked media all year- well talk about soothing a girl’s insecurities.

You guys ROCK!

Another honorable mention to these high roller photos was my giveaway in december!

oh what fun loop giveaway

Because of its success:

Ie. building my following, connecting with new people, and being able to give back!

I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future.


See I told you looking back tells you where you are going.

Im going to work towards:

– more giveaways

– encouraging interaction and building a invested community!

– more collaborations with fashionistas and companies

– more blog posts!!

– get back in shape (stay tuned this saturday for a post about that!)

– and as always showing you how to style the stuff already in your closet!

I’ll leave you with a fun little video recapping 2014!




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