December was a good month for outfits.

Usually I know exactly which four posts are my favourite.

This time there were six up for grabs!

Let’s start with the most liked.

My Christmas Outfit

 christmas outfit

I wanted to be festive for christmas…

so that meant wearing red or green, wearing some cozy warm knit, or going super fancy with some glitz.

Our families are the type to just gather and grab a plate- so I decided against glitz.

warm cozy knit and red or green were definitely the choice.

But i honestly don’t own a lot of sweaters… and the ones I own I didn’t pack for my trip back home.



But I guess it was meant to be cause I love this outfit!

It was much too cold to wear simply a red dress.


So I paired it with some leather leggings and a loose fit jacket.

and Voila!!


My 3rd Favourite

avaitor outfit

There were other outfits that got better response compared to this outfit.

But I just love the Aviator look on the left.

I picked up this army green- leather dress at work… we often have little shopping pop ups in the building

Although the fit isn’t ideal, it’s a bit clingy.

Nothing that some good styling can’t left picture!

2nd favourite outfit 

colourful outfit

This dress is pretty unique for French Connection United Kingdom.

Usually their clothes have sleek lines- and monotone or subdued colours.

This baby is none of that. haha!

Paired with my loose jacket, showcased in my christmas outfit, it makes the look a young fresh work look.

My Favourite Outfit

jumpsuit close up target jumpsuit

You lovelies helped give me the confidence to pick up this target jumpsuit.

Thank you- you loves are amazing!!

Paired with some gold accents and the flirty red-violet jacket…really brings the jumpsuit to another level.

I wore this gem of an outfit to work and then out for my work’s christmas gathering.

Styling for both work and a night out!

So what’s your favourite outfit?!



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