I decided to give Wen Hair Care a try.

and this is my first day review.

I will be using it for a month to see if I can get some genuine improvement in the life of my hair.

BUT. Wen does promise that you will see an improvement in one use.

So read below for what I noticed.


This is what was included in my $60 package

(minus a second large wen cleansing conditioner bottle…and the bobby pins of course)

It comes with:

2 large cleansing conditioner bottles

Replenishment Treatment Mist

Anti frizz Styling Creme

Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment


I haven’t tried the styling creme or the hair treatment as of it.

But we will save that for my month review.


What I Noticed

1. Cleansing your hair without lather is just plain weird with a lifetime of shampooing. So it feels more like just plain ol conditioner.

2. My first wash was right after my daily workout to ensure that it does cleanse/wash my hair. My roots weren’t greasy from sweat, and it smelled lovely.

3. My hair didn’t feel stripped down. Usually after I shampoo my hair…it feels stripped down of all moisture. And I have to use an intense treatment conditioner to combat that.

4. There was less hair down the drain. This one was the best surprise- I shed an inordinate amount it feels like. Sometimes by the amount of hair I lose, I think one day I’ll surely be bald!

5. It looked shiny, without the help of my shine serum I use to give me the appearance of healthy hair.

6. Once dried, I could run my hands through my hair without feeling my hair snapping/breaking. Honestly I couldn’t stop touching my hair once it dried.

As you can see from my fresh faced- post shower video!


I never would have done that before after a fresh wash without breakage. 

As a first day?

I would say it was a good one!

I’ll be happy to stop the lather for a month.

Stay tuned in February for my month end review 🙂


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