“Don’t take life too seriously and always remember it is just a passing fad”

-Mick Jagger

All my managers have always said I come to work looking polished.

So let me show you how I get away with wearing a tee to work;

by sprucing up my favourite Rolling Stone Tee for a business casual work environment!

I don’t buy many tees; except if I just really got to have em’

Like my “black cat tee,” “batman tee,” “help me find molly tee,” marilyn monroe tee,”

& Lastly my “Rolling Stone Tee.”

All tees showcased a piece of my personality that I couldn’t leave them behind.

Outfit 1

Red jacket- rolling stone tee

Unfortunately the lighting isn’t the greatest in this photo.

But I blame my inexperience.. This outfit is a year old outfit when I first started my ootds! 😉

I paired the tee with a flirty purple/pink jacket.


Outfit 2

Black Rolling Stone Tee

With my second version of the tee outfit.

I went more gothic with all black and my draped necklace instead of the flirty colour of before.

How can you go wrong with all black and your favourite tee?

Outfit 3

Pencil Skirt and Rolling stone tee

Then I switched up the skinnys for a pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt has a professional feel; that it can hold up a tee in the business casual world.

To make the look more polished…wear your hair in a bun or a straightened pony.

and wear a blazer over top!


Outfit 4

Checkered pants - Rolling stone tee

This polished look has so much personality.

The tee with the open vest has some much attitude.

Then the checkered pant and bun is professional.

All together makes a “punchy profesh look”

Outfit 5

stripped H&M skirt - Rolling stone tee

My last outfit is probably my favourite.

The striped H&M skirt helps balance out the rolling stone tee.

So your eye doesn’t only stay on that large red tongue.

Plus the vest and the tee together is just my favourite!

This post was inspired by a clutch that caught my eye on instagram.


Click to check em’ out!

This clutch would add so much personality to my outfits.

I can’t even stand it!! xoxo

…That’s my lust moment…

So that’s how I don’t take my business outfits so seriously by adding some serious attitude and personality.

Hopefully it also gives you some ideas on how to spruce up that tee

whether for a fun night out.

Or if you think you can get away with it at your work! 😉

What’s your favourite?!



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