With the chilly weather- we are all layering up.

I scoured my hashtag #dailygrindlook to give you some inspiration on how to style your sweaters for work!

And it took awhile…you ladies are so wonderful that I had so many pictures to look through.

Here’s what I noticed.

When styling sweaters for work- most people layer to make them more work appropriate.

Layer underneath a Jacket

jacket layer sweater

I layered my man’s light sweater underneath one of my larger jackets.

Even added a tie to add some more personality.


Layer with a collared shirt

layered sweater

[ outfit by: @myrulesmystyle ]

layered cardi

[ Outfit by: @ilovefank ]

layered sweater outfit 4layered sweater outfit  5


Pair with a pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is so chic that it can carry a sweater for a work outfit.

sweater skirt

[ Outfit by: @ohishop ]

skirt sweater outfit 7

Belt the sweater

When belting a sweater…it is best to do it with thinner ones like cardi’s and wraps.

belted cardi

[ Outfit by: @lexfif ]

   wrap sweater outfit 5 sweater work outfit 1

I use my wraps to make more spring dresses more work appropriate.

Cover me up a bit! 😉


Sweater over dresses

caitlinrosemcardle sweater dress

[ outfit by: @caitlinrosemcardle ]

Caitlin paired a knit over a dress with a different heel this could be worn at the office!

sweater vest city confidential

[ Outfit by : @thecityconfidential ]

Courtney is the only one to step outside the box by layering her dress with a layered vest.

Which I can’t decide adds more style or warmth?

three ways sasha

[ outfit by: @sashadollfashioncloset ]

Sasha shows you a couple ways to wear a sweater here that we already touched on! 😉

I hope that gives you a little inspiration for sweaters at the office!




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