My first thrifting haul of the new year.

I got 6 pieces of clothing and accessories that will definitely add some value to my wardrobe.

As usual my thrifting haul total was in and around $50.

Which seems to be the standard price for 2 big bags full!

My two favourite pieces that I picked up this week.

1. Laura Petite Tweed Jacket.


This gem here was $6.00.

The cut of the jacket is professional looking.

The leather lining makes it look fun.


2. Tweed Purple Vest 


I am most excited to style this lovely piece.

I pictured a loose button up white blouse and skinnys.

For a fresh and youth professional look.

cost: $4.00

3. Blue Large Tote. 


I love me a large bag.

I have many cute & stylish mini purses or clutches.

They only come out on special occasions.

This is a cute everyday purse that cost $10.

It was very well maintained/or unused.

4. Shiny Black Sleeveless Blouse


I loved the simplicity of this top.

I can pair it with a pair of jeans for a sexy casual look out with my man.

Or I can layer it with a jacket for a fun work outfit.

If the slit is too revealing; I can always layer a tank top underneath.

Cost: $4.00

5 & 6. Studded Belts 


I usually don’t find nice belts at my goodwill location.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find these at $4.00 each.

I only own one natural waisted belt that is white- it would be good for my wardrobe to have a black one.

Secondly, the double studded white belt is a high-waisted belt.

This one is my favourite it reminded me of Carrie’s Posh studded belt in Sex and the city the Movie.

carrie studded belt

This was my favourite outfit of Carrie’s in the movie.

I could immediately see myself wearing it with:

the studded belt, pearl necklace, and the structured classy dress.


and now I can do a similar look.

Maybe stay tuned for a style steal coming soon!!

My grand total came to $32.00.

My Man spent $14.00 and got:

– A Coca-Cola unworn sweater and

– two $2.00 nicknacks

What’s your favourite piece that I picked up?!




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