Well here’s a novel idea: how about a valentine’s day outfit with clothes from your own closet.

I got a few tips to help you find the perfect outfit without having to buy something!

I’ve never been a fan of this holiday.

So I struggled with finding the right tone of post that would suit me and the spirit of this holiday.

And then it hit me…Every Valentine’s day all I want to do is spend time with my man.

I don’t want to make a big fuss.

I don’t go out and buy new outfits…and I’m guessing other women don’t either for their own reasons.

So here are some tips for finding the Valentine’s spirit in your own wardrobe.


Tip 1: Lace it up. 

Last year valentine’s day fell on a work day.


This is what I wore to work. It had a little lace detail. and I also paired it with my pink flowery scarf.

It had hints of valentines day. But it was also something I could wear any other day.

PicsArt_1418958348249 20140914_140643

Lace has a whimsical and romantic feel.

A perfect thing to wear for the holiday.

2. Wear Florals

Is there a better marketing day for boutiques than Valentines day?

Maybe…Mother’s day.

Either way…perfect day to wear your floral pieces.


I told my man if he felt the need to buy me flowers…these were the kind I wanted!


3. Go Obvious and Festive in Pink/Red

20141208_232304_LLS 20141212_092419(0)

It’s the easiest way to pick an outfit.

Everyone has at least one pink or red piece of clothing in their wardrobe.

Even if it isn’t a dress…try to incorporate it in your outfit.

Like a red purse, heels, or jacket paired with your favourite little black dress.

4. Show off that body of yours!

On most days women dress for either themselves, other women, or to portray an image to the world.

This is the one day that you can dress for him.

Wear that one outfit that makes him smile…that proud smile that you’re his.

Usually that means something that shows off your body: your curves, your bust, that great booty you have.


5. How about nothing at all?

This one is for all the home bodies, or the kinkys.

A Kinky fun idea is wearing some sexy lingerie and staying in to eat a home cooked meal!


Or how about instead of wearing your sweats while you cuddle up to a movie.

Snuggle up to him in your best lingerie… let’s see if he just wants to cuddle!

6. F*ck it; wear what you want!

You don’t have to succumb to the pressures of this holiday.

Wear sweats, wear jeans, wear leather or ‘Johnny Cash all black.’

Do whatever you have to feel happy and loved on this holiday.

No comparisons. No pressure. Just YOU.

Love and be loved!


Well there you have it Beauties.

I wish you love and happiness on this holiday.


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