Well I am definitely singing a different tune since my first try of Wen.

I definitely fell in and out of love with Wen..

Well if you read my first review: I couldn’t be happier with Wen.

Read the article here: Wen Trial Review: First day

Well after the initial optimism has run off..

Let’s be real about the pros and cons of Wen.


My Hair Background

So let me tell you where I started from before I tried Wen.

I have thin-to-medium thickness with medium-long length.

The reason for trying wen?

My hair is damaged: it has split ends, its dry, and brittle.

I started dying & perming my hair at age 12.

So my hair has definitely been through the ringer.

After I left my teens- I just wanted my hair to be healthy.

I stopped dying my hair and buying products to help it revive itself:

Intensive care conditioner, leave in conditioner, shine serum ( to give the appearance of healthy hair).

And still I felt my hair had gone through too much…unredeemable.


[ As you can see the ends of my hair look damaged and brittle because of the many split ends; my hair also looks long and thin ]


Pros of Wen 

It was the first time my hair felt healthy since before I was 12 and started damaging my hair.

After shampooing my hair with regular shampoo… my hair would feel completely dried out & brittle.

To combat this I would use intensive & leave in conditioner, and I would wash my hair every other day.

Pro: Hair was not dried out.

It finally felt like I redeemed my hair of all the damage I had done to it previously.

Another issue I was trying to get rid of was my brittleness and hair loss.

well it didn’t get rid of the hair loss…

I still shed like a cat, and I am forever finding lengths of hair in increasingly weird places.


But.. it did strengthen my hair.

It has been a month of using Wen, and I have no split ends what so ever.

I am actually looking forward to my next hair appointment and surprising my hairdresser.

“Like OH yah… no need to chop it all off. I got this under control.”

Pro: No split ends. 


As I said my hair felt healthy for the first time in a long time.

I no longer had to use my “shine serum product” to fake healthy hair.

My hair shined on its own.

Pro: Natural shine


[ After Wen: as you can see my hair looks fuller and the ends are not damaged looking; there is also a natural shine without any product ]


Cons of Wen

In the second week of Wen.

I noticed my hair started to become increasingly greasy even after showering.

I have become accustomed to showering at night…but in the second week of Wen; I found when I woke up… i felt the need to clean my hair AGAIN.

My hair no longer felt clean, but gross and icky.

Con: does not replace shampoo

What I found I had to do is shampoo with my old shampoo once a week to really cleanse my roots.

So every Saturday I use both my old shampoo then I re-wash my hair with Wen.

The instructions for use are a ridiculous amount.

For medium lengthen hair: they suggest 10-12 pumps of the Wen cleanser.

I found that about half was definitely enough…using more felt like I was washing the product down the drain.

Even the representative that sold the product to me had suggested using half the suggested amount.

But as I was reviewing the product- I thought I should follow through with the instructions to fully test the product.

Con: bad instructions

 Only after I washed with regular shampoo first, did I use the full suggested amount.

An entire bottle of wen lasted me 5 weeks- and that is using half the suggested amount.



So… Even though I went through about a week with Icky/ Gross hair in the hopes that my hair would finally slow down production of its natural oil. I almost fell completely out of love with Wen.

But with some minor adjustments… once a week using normal shampoo to really cleanse my roots…I admittedly fell back in love with Wen.

Wen may not completely replace shampoo as it claims for people with high natural oil production.

But it did breathe new life into my damaged hair.

I finally found something that makes my hair feel healthy and rejuvenated from years of damaging styling, dying, and chemicals.

Other Reviews:

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Verdict: This product is not for everyone. Whether you love this product will depend on your natural oil production. But if you have dry & damaged hair with regular shampoo and styling…you may want to try out WEN.

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