So I’ve decided I wanted to step up our home design game.

As of right now, our main living room wall consists of an Ikea Bridge Picture

– Basically just to fill the space-

and some sentimental family pictures.

But I’m stepping up my game.

Home Photo

This is basically our home now.

But our shelves are considerably more stacked with books and trinkets!!

That space above my couch? you know between the two lights.

That’s where I want a feature picture wall!!


Some Don’ts for my picture wall. 

– I don’t want a white picture wall that is all over Pinterest & every blog

– I don’t want lettering like: “love, “life,” “Family” & the like.

– I don’t want a gallery look… I prefer a staggered look.

– I don’t want just another “pretty decor wall;” I want it to be a representation of me and my man

Some Do’s for my picture wall

– I want the colours to be  Black & silver (maybe some distressed wood/brown)

– I would like to have a few small shelves, for knick-knacks & family photos and such

– I want my living room to feel comfy and inviting

Examples of decor walls I like:


[ Click for Pinterest inspo ]

I love the warm/earthy feeling of this living room.

The picture wall fits well, adding to the comfy feeling of the room.

As opposed to the feeling of clutter on the wall.

graphic picture wall

[ Click for Pinterest Inspo]

I take inspiration from this wall as well.

Most of my pieces are large and graphic like this too.

It could feel imposing…

but I like how it is paired with low seating

(comparable to my living set)

I would like to mix the too, creating a modern/graphic living room that feels comfy and inviting. 

Some Items I’ve decided will go on the wall:


[ Our “your empire needs you” Darth Vader poster, two comic photos we picked up at comic con: a Batman/ Bane photo and our wolverine photo. ]


[ Comic con: bitten lip ]


[ Comic con: Avengers poster, & elephant with heart balloon ]

Some Items that I would love to shelve in between the frames are:


[ Nerd block of Wood ]


[ Wood & Stone Tomahawk from Toronto Powwow ]


[ Vodka Crystal skull ]

All together, I believe, the pieces create an interesting cohesiveness.

What do you think?

Any suggestions?

Stay tuned for how it turns out!


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