I’d like to thank Adorn for the invitation to their grand opening!

They have a mix of pretty bohemian to airy modern attire.

Each piece is stylish “easy-wear.”



They are a cute boutique located in the Rosedale area of Toronto.


Some of my favourite pieces were:

floral jacket adorn

[ Floral Jacket: It was light and airy with a beautiful design ]

I am still coveting over this jacket that is a little out of reach budget wise for me right now!!


Adorn also introduced me to a Toronto designer “Tonia Debellis”

We have all noticed the trend of active wear:

It has become lounging wear, pjs, workout wear, and even sparked a new trend of sporty chic.

Tonia has taken it to the next level and designs wear-anywhere-active-wear with a sophisticated, luxe city edge.

“Sporty chic” meant less for working out!

I immediately fell in love when I seen her collection of jackets.


[ Tonia DeBellis Jacket ]

You can find a very chic selection of Tonia Debellis Designs at Adorn.


As a selection as a whole.

inside adorn

I loved the airy and chic design of the boutique.

And I also loved that the selection did not feel age restrictive.

I could see any woman, young & old, coming into Adorn and finding at least one piece that they loved!

I walked away with a bohemian tee “Trust the Universe”



It appeals to my unwavering free spirit.

Follow me on instagram to see how I style this tee.

 My insta feed is just over to the right #hinthint ====>>


I do recommend that you stop on over and check it out.

Say hi, to the pixie beauty named Evelina ie. the owner, who will no doubt show you kindness and bestow her fashion knowledge on you!!



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