Do you have the guts to wear your man’s necktie?

Want to add a little spice to your work wardrobe?

Let me show you how I styled several outfits with a man’s tie.

The first time I tried it, I went very traditional.


I had black dress pants and a white button up.

And because I was constantly being second-guessed as a young female in my profession at the time…

I decided to up my game style-wise, and dress maybe even a bit above my pay grade.

It worked!

The comments changed to amazement of how young I was to be an owner of a small business…even though I was just a junior buyer.

Then I seen Rachel, from “Friends,” wear a tie to her fashion job.

rachels tie outfit

and I thought I could do that!


This was my version inspired by Rachel.

It is just a plain black top and beige pant, but the peek-a-boo tie is super cute!

The next time I styled a tie, I was feeling very masculine.

By that I mean, I didn’t want to “get ready” & I did not want to beautify with makeup.


This mood gave me this easy look.

A simple look, styled with buckled boots, a man’s tie, aviators, and a throw-up bun.


Lastly I was inspired by “Serena” from Gossip Girl,

during a previous blog post where I Style Stole- Gossip Girl

PicsArt_1410393504603 20140916_091318

I took it a little further with these stylings.

I paired a tie with a dress; worn very loosely- it worked perfectly!

In the second, I’m wearing plenty of chunky layers, meaning the addition of the tie over a sweater doesn’t seem inappropriate.

What other female can you think of that uses men’s ties for styling?

I’ll take a peak and style the ones I like for next time!! 🙂


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