My man and I had a little shopping splurge this weekend…

after realizing we hadn’t stopped by Marshalls in long while.

With a little extra change in our pocket… we thought why not *shrugs*?

With spring blossoms and a fresh new job … I got some really cute items to fit the bill.

I can never go shopping without trying on a cute dress.

This “sailor dress…” 



was cute enough to take home.

The hanger does not do it justice; check out my Instagram to see how my curves fill it out!

Price: $30


Pink Ladies Dress


I can be on the cast of “Grease” in this high-waist flared skirt.

I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe so I knew I had to have it!

Price: $50

Egyptian Kitty Jacket



Funny related story:

“while shopping me and my man will often show items to each other that we think are ridiculous looking…to share a giggle about it. This was one of those items for him, and I ended up loving it! I just giggled and said, you really shouldn’t show me anything… cause I’ll end up taking it home! haha”

I loved the loose and light fit of the jacket.

& the colours are gorgeous- gives me some major “cat-a-ttitude!” 😉

Price: $25

Navy Skinny Dress Pants 



The fit of these pants were perfect; it doesn’t get more chic than skinny dress pants.

I also loved the details; the pattern, and the leather decals.

Price: $25

First Outfit of the Shopping Spree


Last but definitely not least…..

Luxe Booty Shorts

wpid-psx_20150511_183652.jpg wpid-psx_20150511_183535.jpg

These shorts were too expensive… but I justified just “trying them on” because they were just so luxe.

But when I did my little turn on the dressing room catwalk… my man was sold on the fit.

*Cha-Ching* Baby T won the lottery!!

Price: $$Too Much

Value: Pure Happiness

Check out my Instagram to see how I style these pieces.

Which is your favourite?!

What’s your favourite splurge / got to have it piece you’ve bought recently?


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  1. Even when I’ve been off blogging a long time and I come back yours is one of those blogs I search for and catch up with all the posts I’ve missed!! I love this haul!! 😍 I’ve been looking for similar dressy pants forever! The look you created with it is amazingggg!! And those booty shorts *swoooons* ‘nuf said!?! Haha ❤


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