It is Work Style Wednesday where a few bloggers join together to display their work outfits.

I am wearing my brown target pleather pencil skirt today.

So I thought I would showcase my different stylings of this item.

I have 5 different outfits.

1st outfit ever made


I picked this skirt up after my man told me there was a great sale on skirts going on at target.

The next day I paired it with my lace blouse to make this look!

2nd look

PicsArt_1383568853113 20131104_073239

I was inspired by my #dailygrindlook hashtag for this outfit.

One of the women using the hashtag had a great outfit by pairing a pencil skirt with knee-high boots.

This was my attempt to replicate.

3rd Outfit


Bring on the summer heat in this outfit.

After a great thrifting haul: that bag, those heels, and that top.

A paired it all together with my brown pencil skirt for this look!

4th Outfit

IMG_20140723_092503 20140723_092059(0)

Windy days.

On those days I usually don’t wear skirts, because I don’t want to give a surprise peep show on the street.

But this pencil skirt stays in place wonderfully.

So I let my hair and shirt move instead with the wind!

5th Outfit 


I finally added some colour to this skirt today!!

I paired the warm brown with a cool minty blue.

The contrast is a beautiful mix.


What’s your favourite?!


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