I’ve been trying to get my fitness back on.

And as such my blog posts have been sparse!!

Although I’ve been pretty good keeping up on my instagram… so I hope your following me over there!!

But let’s recap the Mightiest of May…. shall we?!

Let’s start with your favourite.


You’ve seen this outfit if you read my last post…styling this brown pencil skirt a bunch of ways.

It has everything my instas love- styling a pencil skirt.

And a pop of colour!!


2nd outfit


I loved this outfit, it is one of my newest purchases from Marshalls.

This cut of dress is made for my body type.

Cinch at my smallest part, and flare through the hips.

.. I also loved the nautical nod of the dress…

3rd outfit

masculine comfy edited masculine comfy

I love the ease of this outfit.

It was one of the lesser liked photos of the month… but guess what?? ย it was an outfit I just felt GOOD in.

It felt comfortable, and office cool.

So much so I edited a black and red photo to emphasize that point! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last Outfit

skater shorts

My favourite Casual look of the month.

I’ve decided to make an effort to take #ootd outside photos during the weekend.

And this one just worked for me….

with the skater park graffiti wall + the “Have you seen Molly” tee

paired with my classy luxe beaded shorts in heels.

It gave me the classy & edgy look that I love on the weekends.


What is your favourite?!


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