How is it that every time I go thrift shopping- I feel like I have never found such nice pieces before.

My usual statement: “My best thrifting haul yet” is starting to lose all meaning!

So let’s try….

“I have never found pieces like this before!!”


The very first place I head in Goodwill is the shoe section.

My local goodwill has been getting some major upgrades…

it has wooden shoe racks, and finally enough lighting to see the clothing!!

These Guess booties are going to be perfect for fall!!





Another ‘Guess’ Item… the perfect fit of jean shorts.

I little distressed looking as well…don’t even have to wear them in 😉




Pink Dynamite Sheer Blouse.

I don’t usually go for pink…especially a pink that bright.

But it is something I don’t have in my closet…so I decided to open my mind to PINK!



pink blouse closeup

pink blouse outfit

The first outfit I made with my pink blouse.

I used my dark navy skirt (also thrifted) to let the pink blouse shine.

I also choose a black hose to also darken the look.


Miss Queen Peanut tee

This top was too adorable.

I found it near the dressing room…so it looks like someone already tried to take it home.

YAY me that they didn’t!!


For my next casual outfit, I want to pair my peanut tee with my new skirt.


I was almost in disbelief when I seen this skirt.

Ummm..colour blocking Zara skater skirt?!

Who gave this away- it is so pretty!!




Last but certainly not least.. this orangy-blush silk Romper.

I almost by-passed this item…because it doesn’t look so great on the hanger.

But then I noticed the fabric…and I gave it a second look.

I knew that I would never know about the item until I tried it on.

Ugly on the rack= great on a curvy body.



It was the outfit I was most excited to wear and therefore the first!

romper outfit

It was a super Hot day in Toronto over the weekend and I needed something cool for dinner and drinks

but comfy enough to not feel restrictive.



Now here’s the age-old question.

You know what my favourite is…

But I want to know which is yours…

cause that is always more fun!!


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  1. Oh love your posts!!! Everything looks so pretty and perfect on you 😍 the Zara colour blocked skater skirt is my favourite!!! Honestly who would give that away! (Had it been me, I would have preserved it for my daughter even if I had grown out of it! Hahahaha)

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