Connect, connect as much as possible.

With as many people as you like, with as many stores as you like.

Because word of mouth is how you find out about amazing deals like:

75% off Nine West in Mississauga Heartland.

If you’re not a Canadian or living in the Greater Toronto Area.

You may still want to see how amazing a closing sale can be…

I got three amazing heels, and 1 pair of flats for $129.00.

Let me put that into perspective for you….

My favourite pair of heels, that are from Nine West, were $140.


and worth every penny by the way!!

I where them practically every day… check my instagram.

and check out below what I got for $129.00


The Flats $20.00


How can you go wrong with $20.00?

I mean I paid for a pair of “nothing” throw-on-heels from Walmart for $20.00

These make them look like they belong in the garbage!


The heel version of the same shoe… $30



Let’s be real, I ALWAYS wear heels… I will get much more wear out of these.

But I also need a second option for those rare occasions when I want to roll out of bed looking fabulous.

I have wanted a bold colour heel for a while… $40

PSX_20150815_185711[1] PSX_20150815_185739[1]

Nothing adds a punch to an outfit like a bold heel.

They were unbelievably comfortable and had great detailed texture!


It turns out these heels are my absolute favourite… $30



Beige and Taupe… a classic mixture.

And classy enough to be a strappy heel for work.

I say it is my favourite heel because since I bought them, I have worn them twice and no other…

at work outfit


weekend outfit


Are you in the area? comment if you are!

Which is your favourite purchase?

which heel do you need?


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