I got three dress and two tops for under $20.

The most valuable addiction you can have is thrift shopping.

Take a look at the super cute items I was able to get…

Dress Number One:

20151008_203624[1] 20151002_221451[1]

I found this gem in the dressing room, while trying on the items in my cart.

Talk about luck!


[Details: Dress thrifted, crimson jacket from H&M, white heels from Nine west]

This is how I styled the dress for work.

The geometric pattern makes it a very fun work look.

Pick patterns in your wardrobe to add easy visual interest!

When did I become so girly?!

Look at this too cute pink-lacey top I found

20151002_221542[1] 20151008_203847[1]

The crop top with peek-a-boo lace is very on trend.

A wrap dress, albeit simple, is a dress that suits ALL body types.

20151008_203752[1] 20151002_221347[1]

and when I seen that this one had a hood…


I am a sucker for a hood on anything but a sweater.

I can never have enough sheer blouses.


The trick is to find new ones that offer something the rest do not.

The black stripes down the arm of this blouse is something I can definitely style.


I choose to go for a nod to the race track by pairing

stripes and small checkers on my pant.

The ease of the top also relaxes the business feel of the pant.


Then I bought something that definitely doesn’t look like a work related piece.



I tried on this emerald club dress and needed it immediately.

and I was put to the challenge to style it for work, cause of course I needed to wear it NOW

so with some major laying skills:


A collared polka dot top to cover my back… stylishly.

then a layered flirty white skirt to match the polka dot top.

and BAM a classy work outfit.


The kicker? all these outfits were created by a $17 dollar shopping spree.



Stay tuned on my  instagram to see how I style my pink top.

comment below and tell me which is your favourite thrift find?

I want to know!!


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