I thought I would try and put together a Halloween costume from my own closet.

As I get older, its less likely I dress up.

And even less likely that I want to spend a great deal on a costume I wear once.

So I tried pulling a Pirate costume together from my own closet.

If your out of time and in a pinch.. this post is for you!

The first thing I did was google “Pirate chick” for some inspiration.

What does a girl pirate look like?

There are two types:


chick captain

Captain Pirate Chick

sailor pirate

Sailor Pirate Chick

What makes a pirate costume:

– Leather skinnies / full skirt

– Puffy Blouse

– Boots

– Sailor Hat / Bandanna

– Corset


My Pirate Look



I choose a plaid skirt and boots as the staples to build off.

I found my most puffy blouse, and vested it for a corset look.

I added a bedazzled headband as a bandanna.

A rope belt to give a nod to the “sailor” feel.

Then i picked up a bottle of rum

“why is the rum always gone” – captain sparrow.

Make up and hair:

I made my eyes as dark and sloppy as possible.

Then I was liberal with my blush to give a dirt/sun filled skin look.


Lastly I made my hair coarse then added a random braid.

All together I think its not that bad!

What do you think?

Would people be able to figure out I was a pirate?

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