So Fairmont Hotel reached out and challenged me to make a Halloween Costume that is inspired by

their San Fransico Hotel

Taking a peak at their location, I was honestly inspired and could think of something I could put together.

The Fairmont Hotel features that inspired my look:

outside city roof royal room

Both these beautiful rooms felt romantic and royal, the perfect place for a princess to spend the evening after a Halloween party. A night filled with endless possibilities and memories that haunt you forever.

What I came up with:

poise pose

I started with my full purple skirt c/o of Eshakti, they provide custom size online shopping.

Then I needed a top that had small shoulder caps and created an interesting bodice.

This french connection bodycon dress had pretty structure that worked perfectly.

I layered with my skirt to get the correct affect I was looking for.

Then I added accessories, like these glitter american eagle heels, my purple leather french connection mits, and my pearls.

To drive home the princess look I took a wig I had from another Halloween costume as Suckerpunch-Babydoll.

Removed the pigtails as carefully as possible to maintain the fragile acrylic wig.

And Viola- long blonde princess hair!

Sad Princess

surprised princesscheeky princess

skull princess

I choose to be a dark princess keeping the Halloween tone.

Then I threw in some decorative skulls to up the haunted feel.

What do you think?!


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