I was recently approached by the online company eShakti.

They provide custom fit online shopping.

I was definitely intrigued by the idea of having an item of clothing literally made for me.

And.. I wasn’t disappointed!

I have never been a fan of online shopping, simply because I adhere to the belief that you:

“You always try before you buy”

More and more you see articles shedding light on the fact that brand sizes vary so tremendously that it is hard to buy based on a number.

So the fact that eShakti wanted my measurements for the best fit possible was reassuring.

I felt more confident about the item being shipped to me.

The Waist fit like a glove, and they even hit perfectly above my knee!

Quality made with quality material.

close up

I am completed obsessed with my new skirt.

It fits amazingly- its purple cute and classy- and has leather trim.

what could be more my type?!


leaf walking


If you haven’t already I would definitely recommend checking out



They have 40% off for new customers.


The extra change it takes to get your custom fit is worth the piece of mind!

We all have those online shipping horror stories!!



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