Fall has to be my favourite style season.

It’s still warm enough to get away with dresses and skirts but stylistically speaking layering is a must. Today I styled my eshakti-pleated cotton dress. It is the perfect shade of red for fall.

The reason I love Eshakti so much is that they take your measurements and design the dress to fit you. I don’t know how many times I was mortified when purchasing at item online; as women… we all know sizes vary tremendously based on store/brand. This is not a fear you need to deal with when shopping at eshakti.

The dress I received was this Eshakti Pleat Neck Cotton Knit Dress.

cotton knit eshakti dress.jpg

I gave my measurements but made one customization to the dress. I requested that the length of the dress hit just above my knee. As you can see from the below pictures, I got exactly what I asked for! I was able to achieve a peak-a-boo effect with my knee-high boots.

blog eshakti dress sitting down.jpg

blog eshakti dress side view.jpg

blog eshakti dress no face.jpg

blog eshatki dress 1.jpgblog me daken down.jpg

blog shakti dress 2.jpg

blog me and daken.jpg

If you wanted to check out some other dresses from Eshakti you can here!!

I had multiple ones I was trying to choose from, but landed on this cotton dress because it could definitely go from work to play. If you know me… I am always about the cohesive well-used wardrobe!

Other dress:


It was a slit dress that still looked completely sophisticated and classy. I loved it, I would be able to get away with wearing a slit dress to work!

click image to check it out

I have worked with the eshakti before…so if you STILL haven’t checked them out here are some of their social media pages:




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